My DJ Console Rmx or DJ Console 4-Mx or DJ 4Set, which used to work in Mac OS 10.10 or earlier, is not detected on my MacBook with Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) or 10.12 (Sierra). 1798 4

Furthermore, I do not see "Hercules DJ Console RMX Bulk" in the Device Manager. The RMX is still correctly recognized and works on my laptop. I've tried both USB 2.0 and 3 ports on the PC. The PC has an i5-4670K, 8 GB RAM, and a MSI Z87M-G43 motherboard. Any help is greatly appreciated! I'd like to get the RMX working on my PC :) DJ Phatso

I have been using my hercules dj console mk4 for a while now but I'm surprised that my computer does not recognize the hercules device,...i have done everything except format my computer and it still doesn't recognize the device.

Once you have completed the complete installation of the DJ Console Rmx, and the Rmx works, things change since each time you plug the Rmx on a USB port where it was notconnected before, Windows New Hardware found message proposes to install the adequate driver for the Rmx, since once the right driver is properly installed in Windows, Windows ...

Topic: Virtual DJ will not recognize Hercules RMX. ... If your RMX came with VirtualDJ LE/Console Edition, then its serial number should entitle you to a discount off the cost of upgrading (Providing that it's not second hand and has not already been used.) ... It doesnt show up as a Audio Device nor a MIDI Device connected. Posted Thu 04 Jul ...

7) Check the status of the bulk device (Hercules DJ Console RMX Bulk) in the Device Manager. Whether or not the bulk device (Hercules DJ Console RMX Bulk) is enumerated correctly, right-click on it and select Uninstall. Then, click in an empty area of the Device Manager, and from the Action menu, select Scan for Hardware changes.


 · if the Hercules RMX is correctly installed and working, then it should work immediately after executing Setup Wizard and selecting the RMX. This is quite likely an issue affecting the Hercules. You can easily verify this using a MIDI monitor. If you can receive signals from the RMX with the MIDI monitor, then we face some Traktor issue.